Weekly Trade Setups – 11th June to 15th June 2018

PLS NOTE : All chart analysis posted below are the author’s own idea of trading for educational purpose only &  not any form of advice or recommendations or opinion to anyone



We have already posted price action view on Bank Nifty last week.  Click Here.

Also for fresh new opportunity in Bank Nifty we will observe closely buying signals at recent support area down till 25550 area.

We will update next new entry for Bank Nifty if signal arrives.

Stay Connected.



We can see clearly price rejection at key resistance area for TECH MAHINDRA as shown in the above price chart.

Generally we don’t trade counter trend .

Aggressive traders can go short if selling signals are seen on smaller time frames like 15 min , 30 min , 1 H or 4 H time frames.

Short entry can be taken by only aggressive traders following the strict stop loss of 723 for the target of around 686 area which is a short term support.

Next long opportunity can be observed at key support area of around 642 .

We have previously participated in a bullish rally  from key support area of 642 .



We have observed aggressive bullish explosion in copper after forming a bullish pin bar on 30th May 2018 which we ignored because of the previous consolidation.

To board in the bullish momentum in COPPER we have to wait for a downside pullback till around 7059 – 7109 area.

Any buying signals found in the area in between 7059 – 71909 on 1 H , 4 H or daily time frame would be a strong opportunity to go long in it.

Well Aggressive traders can also prefer short selling opportunity in copper because of the bearish pin bar found at key resistance area.

Only Aggressive traders can trade this counter trade bearish pin bar created on 7th June at key resistance . Stop loss for this short selling trade should be strictly 7350 for the target of around 7109.



Aggressive bullish trend is observed in the price chart of LEAD as shown above.

We will wait for a Small downside pullback till the key level of around 2417 – 2400 area.

Any buying signal seen on 1 H , 4 H or Daily time frame at around 2417 – 2400 might be a strong opportunity to get long in LEAD.

We will update the next status for LEAD. Stay Connected.



Zinc seems to be in a starting mode of Aggressive bullish trend ahead as shown in the price chart above.

Any downside pullback till around 3058 area might be an strong opportunity to go long in it on getting clear buying signals on 1 H , 4H or daily time frame.

We can plan a long entry in ZINC as long as the price lies above 3058 area. Any downside rotation of price might be an buying opportunity for Zinc.



Key location for NICKEL is seen at 14415 area as seen in the price chart above.

we will wait till 14415 area and watch clear buying signals to get long in NICKEL.



An interesting price structure has been created in the above price chart of SILVER.

Since long SILVER is moving in a side way trend as seen in above chart.

We got bearish rejection forming a shooting star at equal high area on 7th June 2018.

We can trade the shooting star created on 7th June downside as it is on the desired location of side way structure.

Silver can be traded short side anywhere when market opens on Monday following the strict stop loss of 16.901



We have already posted price action view for GOLD in our previous post. Click Here.

This week we will closely observe clear selling signals to get short in GOLD on daily or 4 hour time frame.

We will update as it arrives. Stay connected.



We have already participated in three bullish rallies in Natural Gas.

We will watch clear  buying signals at around 2.839 to 2.780 area which is a strong support zone to get buying signals.

We will update it as it develops. Stay connected.

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