Weekly Trade Setups – 22nd July to 26th July 2019

PLS NOTE : All chart analysis posted below are the author’s own idea of trading for educational purpose only &  not any form of advice or recommendations or opinion to anyone



Trend – Aggressive bullish.

Last week we can clearly see in the daily price chart that silver has shoot up aggressively bullish as we mentioned in our previous post.  Click here  to see previous post.

Price closed aggressive bullish above the multiple affected zone.

We will rejoin the bullish trend at around 15.554 area which is a strong flip support to observe clear buy signal on 4H or Daily time frame.

Waiting for the healthy pullback down till 15.554 area would be a good decision for SILVER.

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Trend – Bullish

This week we area eager to see clear bullish rejection on daily time frame at around 1381 area.

We will wait and watch clear buy signal at around 1381 area to get in line with the bullish trend ahead.



Tend – Neutral

We got aggressive fall in CRUDE OIL as expected from 60.68 $ area.    CLICK HERE to see previous post.

We got an inside bar after a bearish down move as seen above.

If  Thursday’s low gets executed we can go short with a stop loss as a high of Thursday’s candle for the target of around 51.18 $ area.

Any upside pullback till 60.68 $ area would be a short selling opportunity if bearish pin bar is found on daily time frame till 60.68 $ area.



Trend – Bearish

We got as expected downward move for Natural Gas.  CLICK HERE  for previous post.

Hope most of them would have boarded this bearish down move.

Any pocket of strength till 2.441 around area would be an opportunity to rejoin the bearish move.



Trend – Aggressive bullish.

We got excellent bullish move as expected.  CLICK HERE  for previous post.

Bearish pin bar is formed at resistance as we can clearly see in the daily chart which may push the prices downwards.

This week we will have patience to rejoin the bullish move again at around 1942 area.

1942 around area seems to be good flip support area for Lead to move bullish again.

We will observe bullish rejections on 4H or daily time frame at around 1942 area.



Trend – Aggressive bullish.

Nickel moved aggressive bullish last week as we expected.  CLICK HERE  for previous post on NICKEL.

We have found highly aggressive  bullish movement for NICKEL last week.

We are so eager to find a downward pullback till the flip support area seen at around 13363 area.

Even in such a aggressive bullish uptrend any downside pullback can be traded bullish if bullish long tailed pin bar are found.



Trend – Bearish

Bearish pin bar formed on Thursday 18th July is driving prices towards downside as we can see in the above price chart.

We stay bearish for ZINC as long the price lies below 2562 area.

Any pocket of strength towards 2562 area would be a short selling opportunity if bearish rejections are found.



Trend – Side way

We can clearly see that Copper is moving in a side way range bound structure since from past couple of months.

Long term trend is seen bearish as observed in the above price chart.

It is seen that 6079 around area is a key resistance to observe sell signals.

Price touched 6079 area on Friday and started rejecting from it which is observed in the price chart above.

Any bearish signals found on 4 H ar daily time frame at around 6079 area would be an short selling  opportunity in COPPER.



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