Weekly Trade Setups – 29th July to 2nd Aug 2019

PLS NOTE : All chart analysis posted below are the author’s own idea of trading for educational purpose only &  not any form of advice or recommendations or opinion to anyone


Trend – Aggressive bullish

Nearer flip support area to observe buy signal is seen at around 16.175 area

We stay bullish as long as price lies above 15.554 area

If we get bullish rejection at around 15.554 area we will rejoin the bullish trend or else if price pulls down till around 15.554 area and if we get bullish rejections we will board into bullish rally ahead.



Trend – Bullish

We are waiting for a downward pullback till around 1381 area to rejoin the bullish move ahead.



Trend – Neutral

We got multiple inside bar created in the recent week as shown above.

If low of 24th July breaks down then we can expect a downward bearish move till around 50.72 $ area as shown above.

We would prefer to participate in a downside multiple inside breakout for the expectation of downward move till around 50.72$ area.



Trend – Aggressive bearish.

We got good downward bearish move as expected in Natural Gas.

We will wait if we get a upside pullback till around 2.327 or else till around 2.441 area and observe clear selling signals to rejoin the bearish move down.



Trend – Aggressive bullish

We will observe clear buying signals if we get downside pullback at around 2000 area to board the bullish move ahead.



Trend – Bearish

Multiple affected area is seen at around 2564 area which we can call it as a strong flip resistance area to observe selling signals.



Trend –  Aggressive bullish

We are eagerly waiting for a downward pullback till around 13363 area to rejoin the bullish move.

13363 is also seen the 50 per cent pullback area of the recent big impulsive bullish move.

Any buying signals found at around 13363 would be a strong buy opportunity for NICKEL.



Trend – Side way

We got good bearish move as expected which we mentioned in our recent members area.  CLICK HERE.

Any small upside pullback till around 6079 area would be a selling opportunity if bearish rejections are found.

We can expect a downside move till around 5775 area as seen in the above price chart.

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