Weekly Trade Setups – 30th Sept to 4th Oct 2019

PLS NOTE : All chart analysis posted below are the author’s own idea of trading for educational purpose only &  not any form of advice or recommendations or opinion to anyone



Nifty closed above the multiple affected area of around 11120.

We found the aggressive bullish stroke cause of the news.

Our views towards Nifty has changed.

Now we will wait for the downside pullback till the same multiple affected area at around 11120 area and we need clear buying signal at around 11120 area to board into the bullish rally ahead.

Any close below 11120 area will nullify our buying views.



Bank Nifty exploded bullish after the news announcement as seen above.

We will observe downside pullback till around 28550 area and we need clear buying signals to participate in the bull rally ahead.



We have seen the major gap up in crude oil on 16th Sept.

This gap is almost filled up and now this gap can act as a strong flip support area at around 54 $ area,

We need clear bullish rejection at around 54 $ area to board the bullish rally above.



Natural Gas closed below the hadse wala area of around 2.443 which nullifies our buying views.

Now we will wait for the upside pullback till the same area of 2.443 to 2.515 area and need selling signals for participation of bearish rally down.



We are planning to observe clear buying signals at around 16.624 to 15.930 area to get in line with the uptrend.



We area in a mind set to observe clear buying signals at around 1451 area to get in line with the uptrend.



We got bullish pin bar on 23rd Sept at key location.

But this pin bar is failed.

We will stay away and observe how price behaves here to take further decisions.



We have found a narrow range for NICKEL which might explode in a either way.

We are interested to observe buying signals at around 16412 area to board in a bullish trend ahead.



Any downside pullback till around 2261 area would be a buying opportunity on clear buying signals and any clear selling signals found at around 2398 area would be a short selling opportunity for ZINC.

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